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Mini Documentary Series

The Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame is pleased to present the first video in our mini documentary series. This series will focus on interviews with inductees of the Hall of Fame sharing some of their life’s experiences. We hope that you will find these educational stories to be informative as well as inspirational.
The first video features Tuskegee Airmen Dr. Harold Brown. He discusses his aviation and wartime experiences and his transition into civilian life after the war. We hope that his perspective on life as a child growing up in Minneapolis during the thirties, his experiences in overcoming numerous obstacles as an original Tuskegee Airman and his views as an educator after the war, will enlighten our youth as to the critical importance of education in their lives.
These mini documentaries will be available on our YouTube Channel with the following link Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame - YouTube
For more information, please contact Brandon Montanye at Brandon_Montanye@hotmail.com
Also, we hope you will find many additional inspiring stories of the over 200 other inductees on our website. 


Listen to interview of Julie Clark with Al Malmberg

If you know of someone who deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, consider nominating that person. Check out the procedures for doing that by clicking on the Nominations button on this website.

Noel Allard

Chairman, MAHOF


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