Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame

Aviation Scholarship Winners


 The Anderson Family Leadership Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to a young person entering a career in aviation to perhaps follow in the footprints of Major Scott D. Anderson. Anderson’s life was one of adventure, of making marathon canoe trips, writing, playing in a jazz band, and playing professional football in Austria. He was a member of the Duluth Air National Guard and flew F-16s, becoming an instructor. He became the test pilot for the Cirrus Corporation of Duluth and gave his life testing the first production model SR-20. The family grants this scholarship to a future aviation leader.

2011 - Clinton J. Hannes
2012 - David Heckman
2013 - Darren Schone
2014 - Brock Wood


 Hinz Family Red Tail Scholarship

The Hinz Family has sponsored this scholarship in commemoration of Donald E. Hinz who lost his life as a re-enactor of the Tuskegee Airmen mission in WWII. Hinz was demonstrating a P-51C painted in the Tuskegee squadron colors with the heralded red tail, at the Red Wing Airshow in 2004 when the plane lost its engine, resulting in a crash landing which he did not survive. Hinz was a Naval aviator, an airline pilot, and businessman. The family has granted this scholarship in his honor to encourage young persons entering the aviation field to learn not only about airplanes, but about aviation history as well.

2011 - Raynor Poehls
2012 -  Jackson Kranz

2013 - Kreg Anderson
2014 - Kyle Budach
2015 - Amy Dahlheimer
2016 -
John Chisham, Jr.
2017 - Joey Schimnich
2018 - Gavin Oftedahl
2019 - Daniel Rohlfing 
2020 – Dain Herrala



 The Kenneth Dahlberg Family Scholarship

The Dahlberg Family Scholarship is awarded to an aviation student in honor of Kenneth Dahlbergh, 1997 Hall of Fame Inductee. From humble beginnings on a Wisconsin farm to a WWII Ace, flying P-51s and P-47s, Ken truly was a member of the "Greatest generation." Dahlberg started a small post-war business producing hearing aid devices and eventually ended up running an international corporation. Besides his love of aviation, he had a love for learning and we hope the young aviation-minded adults who are awarded the Dahlberg Scholarship each year continue that intellectual curiosity for the rest of their life.

2014 - Zach Alsterlund
2015 - Kyle Budach
2016 -
Joey Schimnich
2017 - Amy Dahlheimer
2018 - Joseph Taylor
2019 - Andrew Voit 
2020 – Sofia Poinar



 Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame Scholarship

This scholarship is funded by numerous anonymous Hall of Fame donors

2004 - Lindsay Morgan
2006 - Evan Daniel, Patricia Friese and Raynor Poehls
2007 - Amy Jo Brown,  Preston Johnson

2015 - Jared Krause
2016 -
Michael Wrona
2017 - Charles Hatton
2018 - Larissa Vculek
2019 - Wesley Donaldson 
2020 – Chelsea Montgomery


 General Leo Goodrich Scholarship

2017 Scott Shaffer

 General George L. Schulstad Scholarship

George was born in Grand Forks, ND and was raised and attended school in the Climax-Mentor, MN area. He holds a master’s degree from The George Washington University. He enlisted in the Air Force in 1952 and spent 23 years in service of his country. During that time he logged over 6200 hours flying everything from a T-6, to an F-104. George flew the F-8 Crusader during combat operations in Vietnam through an exchange program with the U.S. Navy. George was a commander of two Fighter Squadrons and two Fighter Wings. The General is proud to have a scholarship offered in his name and one of his favorite sayings is “the youth are our future.”

2019 - Marcus Houdek 
2020 – Bobby Wilson




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