Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame


  Make Aviation History Happen

You can make a bit of aviation history yourself by sponsoring a Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame honoree. Your tax-deductible gift helps defray the costs of the awards, website expansion and our growing archives.

Sponsors for honorees are sought after the selection process has been completed each year to avoid any ethical considerations.

Other support opportunities include sponsoring the Civil Air Patrol Color Guard’s participation in the annual awards banquet and contributing to the scholarship fund for youth interested in pursuing a career in aviation.

Hall of Fame Aviation Honoree

            Full Sponsorship           $500

            Partial Sponsorship       $250

Aviation Author and Artist Honorees

            Sponsorship     $350

Civil Air Patrol Color Guard

            Sponsorship     $300


            Full Sponsorship           $750

            Partial Sponsorship       Any amount

For more information,
please contact Pat Halligan at: flyinghooligan@gmail.com 

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