Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame

G. B. Van Dusen
1914 - 1999

G. B. Van Dusen is one of Minnesota's most successful aviation businessmen. He started his aircraft parts business in the basement of the Wold-Chamberlain terminal building in 1940, and soon expanded into a hangar next to the terminal. He derived the idea of sending flying salesmen to call on airport operators in the small towns across Minnesota, and later, the nation. Among his sales reps were Sig Gudmundson, Don Hanson, and Johan Larsen. During the war, he moved to downtown Minneapolis, and after the war, opened offices in New York, Boston, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Miami. He eventually had offices at 24 locations here and abroad, though his main offices remained in the Twin Cities. Besides parts, the company also engaged in flight training, fueling, and other ground services. In 1954, the company became publicly held.

Inducted 1992

John W. Vasey, Jr.
1912 - 2005

Montana native John Vasey began flying in 1927 in Minnesota. He taught aerobatics to Army Air Corps cadets at the Tex Rankin Aviation School in California. After World War I he perfected his own aerobatic techniques, using a big Stearman biplane. He built several air show airplanes, including the T-Craft flown by Duane Cole.

In 1947 Vasey co-founded Austin Aero Service, which teaches GI Bill flight training. He has now retired from active flying but flies radio-controlled aircraft as a hobby.

Inducted 1996

Lt. Col. John Voth
1921 - 2013

Voth was born in Fair Haven, Minnesota. From his first Trimotor ride at St. Cloud at age ten, he was smitten with aviation. He soloed at age 16 and became an instructor for the St. Cloud CPT and WTS programs prior to WWII. Joining the Air Corps in 1942, he was sent to Texas to instruct in AT-6s. Returning to Minnesota, Voth remained in the Air Force Reserve and retired in 1969. He instructed for the Granite City Flying Club and the St. Cloud Teacher's College (now St. Cloud State University) Aero Club. He helped found the St. Cloud EAA Chapter, lectured to groups, owned and managed a hobby shop and constructed a homebuilt airplane. He served with the Stearns County Historical Museum and was an avid Lindbergh memorabilia collector.

Inducted 2015

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