Minnesota Aviation Hall of Fame

Dale "Red" Jackson       
1906 - 1932

Jackson was born in Iowa. His family moved to Faribault, MN where he graduated from High School. He earned his Private license in 1928 in St. Louis and barnstormed across the country. In 1930, he set a barrel-rolling record of 417 rolls. He also flew as a member of a stunt flying team with Freddy Lund, another Minnesotan Aviation Hall of Famer.

In July, 1929, Jackson and Forrest O’Brine, a flyer from St. Louis, set an aerial endurance record. Using a Curtiss Robin aircraft, they circled the city of St. Louis for some 420 hours, refueling 48 times in flight. They only landed to attend the funeral of a comrade. When their record was broken, they again took the Robin into the sky and set a second record of 647 hours aloft (27 days). In 1931, Dale Jackson flew the famous Laird “Solution” to third place in the National Air Races Thompson Trophy race. Jackson was killed in 1932 during a stunting session in Miami. He is buried in the Maple Lawn cemetery at Faribault.

Inducted  2011

Bruce D. Jaeger                
1948 -

Bruce Jaeger was born in Mankato, Minnesota. His first plane ride was in 1954. He soloed in 1970 and received his private license in 1972. Other ratings followed. He has owned numerous aircraft. Early in his career, he worked as a physical education teacher and a sales representative for International Harvester. He was also a supply sergeant in the U.S. Army reserves from 1970 to 1976. Jaeger bought Willmar Air Service from his father-in-law, John Rice, who was a Mooney aircraft dealer. Jaeger was an instructor and charter pilot for the company and accumulated over 30 years as a fixed base operator. He was a member of the Minnesota Aviation Trades Association, Experimental Aircraft Association and held several positions in Mooney related associations. He is a frequent speaker at many aviation groups, and has authored numerous publications on a variety of aviation related topics. Jaeger sought to stop fuel leaks, a common Mooney aircraft problem. He created a separate company named Weep No More to clean the tanks to prevent buildup and leaking. The company is currently operating at Willmar. In 2008, Jaeger sold Willmar Air Service, and organized Jaeger Aviation, Inc. He continues to offer personalized flight training and recurrent training in the Mooney line. He has also started a new venture called “Spatial Interiors”, for the purpose of refurbishing Mooney interiors with new side panels and added space, all approved by Mooney Aircraft and the FAA.

Inducted 2017

Robert H. Jasperson
1946 - ____

Robert Jasperson was born in Minneapolis, MN. He took flying lessons and earned his Private license on his 17th birthday from Nelson Ryan Flight Service, Flying Cloud Field. At the University of Minnesota, he joined the Air Force ROTC and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. Following college, he trained at Mather AFB as a navigator. He became one of the youngest C-141 navigators and flew some 800 hours in that airplane.

He was then assigned to Weapons Service Officer training and was sent to Korea as an F-4 WSO. From Korea, he was assigned to Southeast Asia, where he was based at Korat, Thailand. He flew 103 combat missions over both North and South Vietnam, earning a Silver Star for a mission where he and his aircraft commander shot down a North Vietnamese Mig 21 with the Gatling gun of their F-4E Phantom fighter. Following his Vietnam tour, he flew NATO support missions, including three non-stop round trips in the Phantom to Germany. Each trip required seven aerial refuelings.

He joined Wings of the North Museum at Flying Cloud and served as an officer, managing the yearly Air Expo. Jasperson is currently the Museum Director.

Inducted  2018

Darwin "Dale" Johnson
1936 –

Born in North Dakota, Johnson came to Crookston, MN in 1948. Trained as an electrician in the US Army, he worked on helicopters in Korea. Johnson received his Private license in 1988 and began soaring. He owned two sailplanes and built a Pietenpol homebuilt aircraft. Johnson is not only a mentor for contemporaries, helping them with every facet of aircraft home-building, but he has studied and become adept at such diverse skills as propeller making, powder coat painting, machine-shop tool operation, ice boating, and home construction. He has been a lead member of the construction crews for the Air Guard Jenny, the Centennial Wright Flyer replica and the Waco CG-4A glider restoration.

Inducted  2013

Raymond Johnson
1932 –

Born in New Ulm, MN, Johnson served in the National Guard as an engineer and saw service in Korea building airstrips. He earned his Private license in 1962 and went on to earn additional licenses. Johnson began his career as an agricultural spray pilot in South Dakota. He opened Tracy Air Service at Tracy, MN in 1963, which soon became the area’s outstanding FBO. The company expanded and moved to Marshall, MN. In 1973, the company became Midwest Aviation, which it remains to this day. Johnson logged over 32,000 hours in his career, offering every aviation service imaginable. He left his mark in Minnesota as an ag and charter pilot and flight instructor. Johnson still works as a Pilot Examiner.

Inducted  2013 

Darell L. Johnson
1918 -

Darrell Johnson moved to the Twin Cities as a youth and began his aviation career at Wold-Chamberlain Field in Minneapolis. He joined the Air Corps in World War II and went to the Canal Zone as a P-38 fighter pilot.

Following the war he worked for Gopher Aviation at Rochester as a flight instructor and flight examiner. He remained with Gopher for 25 years before returning to his previous work as a pilot examiner. He has accomplished nearly 4,500 flight checks during 47 years. He has logged over 35,000 flight hours.

Inducted 2001

Wayne G. Johnson
1921 -

Ortonville's Wayne Johnson flew as a fighter pilot in World War II with the 23rd Fighter Group in China under Lt. General Claire Chennault. Following the war, Johnson served in the North Dakota Air Guard. Johnson was a successful attorney in Silver Bay, Minnesota, and the driving force behind airport development there. Johnson is currently an active member of the North Shore business community, helps design and funds the Flying Tigers memorials at Dayton, Ohio and Taipei, Taiwan.

Inducted 2001

Frank C. Judd
1909 - 1984

Judd was born in Minneapolis and joined Northwest Airlines as a co-pilot in 1931. He was promoted to pilot in 1932. In 1942 when Northwest was contracted by the government to set up routes to Alaska via Canada, Judd flew the survey flight. He was later named Superintendent of the Northern Region as this was called. During his time, the route was extended to Adak, the farthest western island in the Aleutians. He flew missions over the "Hump" into China in 1943 and remained in China to train other airmen to fly the route. After the war, he oversaw the extension of routes to Hawaii, then Tokyo and on to Manila in the Philipines. He became Vice President of Operations in 1951 and Vice President of Maintenance & Engineering in 1961.

Inducted 2015

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